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Using A Telecom Master Agent

There is a need to address the telecommunication cost management in your company.  You have been talking to several sales representatives and resellers as well as a telecom master agency.  It has become more and more confusing than when you first start with as most of them are recommending all sorts of differing solutions.  How will you know which recommendation will be best suited for your company?

It is important that you understand where these recommendations are coming from.  Whether they are from a sales representative, or a reseller, or a master agent:  they are giving you their recommendations from three different business perspectives. 

Sales representatives work directly for the telecommunication carriers.  Their main job responsibility is to convince you to subscribe to their network.  It does not matter if their services provide your company with the most cost-effective solution or otherwise, they have only one goal in mind which is to sell convincingly. A little similar to the master agency, a reseller is an independent seller that has a pre-existing wholesale relationship with various telecommunication carriers.  The reseller will lay down all the solutions in their portfolio to you but their motivation is to squeeze you into whichever network that will pay the highest profit margin.  The reseller’s earning is based on a certain percentage received from each carrier.

A master agency also offers a wide range of services from various telecommunications carriers.  However, they possess a very different role from the resellers as they provide their services through consultation and personalized support for your company.  They undertake the responsibilities to analyze your company’s telecommunication needs and recommend the most competitive and effective solutions.  No doubt they earn their percentage of commissions from each different carrier, but the master agency will still carry out their consultative role with you as their priority in mind. 

So if you are looking for a solution to solve your telecommunication cost management, you have to know the underlying motivations of the sales representative, reseller, or the master agency in order to make an effective decision.

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